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Mark, I Always Knew
July 28th, 2010

I was reading some of Mark Eitzel’s lyrics today and he manages to define whole situations with just a few lines, which is a great gift to have. Here are the third and fourth verses of his song, ‘I Miss You’…

“we fall in love with mysteries
love comes from somewhere else
not the mountains or the seas
not the churches or the bars

not in gold paint or golden rules
they always peel off
they’re worn by faces made cruel
by vanity or luck

but this is just a finger snap
you only pretend to mourn

i miss you, your heart was warm

if you’re haunted by your regrets
you can’t find no peace
if you’re haunted by your debts
you won’t find no peace

to bring love into this world
thats why we are born”

It’s so simple, but I like the way he starts to demystify love and then distracts us with language until we are lost in a different, related mystery.


July 28th, 2010

Julian Lynch – Rancher from Chocolate Bobka on Vimeo.

It’s like a long intro to a forgotten, but fantastic, 80s action movie song. It’s soft and it’s rock, but is somehow weird and mesmerising. And, his turquoise, semi-semi-acoustic Telecaster is a bit special, too, coupled, as it is, by a natty baby-blue sweater. Style never dies, kids.

Grant McLennan photo by John Nixon, Brisbane, 1981

“When the rain hit the roof/With the sound of a finished kiss/like when a lip lifts from a lip/I took the Wrong Road round”