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Josef OK
August 21st, 2012

Josef Albers, Portrait Study, 1918 (ca.), ink and pencil on paper.

The fluidity of ink is equal to the fluidity of the self, which is always shifting.

My Kind Of Townes
August 20th, 2012

Yesterday, trapped on a bus, travelling for twenty-four hours in a heatwave with a broken air conditioning system, I watched Heartworn Highways, a documentary about a new breed of country singers, filmed by James Szalapski at the mid-point of the 1970s. I’ve had the soundtrack for a couple of years, which features fragments of dialogue, so watching the songs come alive via the warm colours of Szalapski’s film was an enlightening experience for me. Townes Van Zandt is already one of my favourite country/folk singers from that era and his self-destructive personality is on show in the film alongside this moving example of his musical ability, which is evidently too much for those present to bear.

August 15th, 2012

I saw this Jean PainlevĂ© short film with subtitles last night, which allowed me to focus on the powerful soundtrack. I was rocking out in the back row of the cinema! I got home and looked at the original soundtrack by Pierre Henry and it was great, but totally different from the post-rock noodling that I’d just heard, which was played by the brilliant Yo La Tengo. I’ve posted both so that you can mute the original and experience the same nature documentary wig-out that I did or enjoy the spooky original should you wish to do that.