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A Whole Lotte Love
January 27th, 2013

Captivating, world-weary interpretation.

Flexxin Dutchmen
January 19th, 2013

Mesmerising song and mesmerising moves. I think this is what they call chutzpah.

Young Love
January 19th, 2013

I think I first saw this sleeve hung up in the Salsa Club in Newcastle. I fell for its modern, concrete curves and Larry Young’s hip dress sense. The music sounds like this.

Happy Shoppers
January 15th, 2013

This photograph by Bert Hardy shows engrossed browsers in HMV Oxford Street in 1958. I have spent a lot of my spare time doing the same thing, which only enhances this lovely image for me.

Hats Entertainment
January 15th, 2013

via this popular blog

Two of the most talented people you’ll ever see on the silver screen, Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire.

Broken Britain
January 11th, 2013

Marianne Faithfull “Broken English” from Ivan Blatny on Vimeo.

Bleak and mysterious and rough around the edges. Derek Jarman matches up to Marianne Faithfull.

Cover Up
January 8th, 2013

I love the covers of the new, deluxe Fitzgeralds. Maybe this is my favourite book, too.