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Famous Seamus
August 30th, 2013

NPG 6023; Seamus Heaney by Peter Edwards
Seamus Heaney, Peter Edwards, 1987-88

I saw this painting the first time I went to London and I still marvel at it each time I see it in the National Portrait Gallery. He was one of the first poets I read in my local library.

August 29th, 2013

Derek Jarman
Derek Jarman

There is something fascinating about an artist’s unformed ideas contained in their sketchbook: a mood that hints at something bigger; an insight into the mechanics of creation; a raw, barely-contained enthusiasm; a collection of influences. Derek Jarman’s films have already been mentioned here, but his beautifully-presented sketchbooks are now available in a Thames & Hudson book for pre-order on the Guardian website, a destination to which I am unable to link, thanks to blog gremlins (Bloglins!?).

Gorey Illustration
August 28th, 2013


A tweet by the poet Lavinia Greenlaw alerted me to the Vintage book cover illustrations of Edward Gorey, as posted on the excellent Brain Pickings site. My blog doesn’t want to create a link at the moment, but you can find them here…