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Keeping it Cleaner
November 25th, 2014

Paul Smith & Peter Brewis – L.A. Street Cleaner from memphis industries on Vimeo.

Peter Brewis and I needed a video to represent a song from our new album, Frozen By Sight, so we asked our friends Mat Fleming and Chris Bate to choose a song and interpret it in their own way. We couldn’t be more pleased with their watery film for Los Angeles Street Cleaner, which reminds me of Len Lye’s experimental filmmaking.

Parting Shot
November 25th, 2014


I’m in a Go-Betweens phase. I wouldn’t say I’ve ever been out of a Go-Betweens phase since falling for them, but I’m especially keen at the moment. I was searching for good images so I could make my own G-Bs t-shirt and was looking for suitable single sleeves. They’ve had a chequered history in terms of record covers, but this is a fine one from 1984 (for an even finer song).